The Worst SEO Mistakes You Can Make

The Worst SEO Mistakes You Can Make. Everyone wants their own website or search engine optimization search engine optimization-friendly is. There are, however, some common mistakes people make when they do SEO work on their side, while the actual cost of these errors to their dream top 10 ranking that everyone wants. Here are some things to avoid, unless your site search engine optimization. Think about ALT tags! Almost every site (not including the background and all the images as buttons and image services, etc.) must have ALT text. This is the text displayed when the image does not load. First, it is text, image search engine, saying the program can not see the image. A good ALT tag will have two or three key words, and it is a great place, with additional keywords insisted that the audience will be (hopefully, unless you see the image is the lack of) never.

The Worst SEO Mistakes You Can Make

Do not use your sites page title for each one the same markings. Although you can very easy to write just for your page title, and then leave it on every page, this is another place, you lose a local insisted keyword. Changed for each page to search engines will notice a different title, different page when you try different keywords. Avoid writing scripts! Although Flash is compatible with search engines such as always, it is still more difficult to see inside the search Flash object. This means that you will lose seats, Meta tag, the ALT tags, etc.. Not only was the robot. In writing the keyword density, your site may get a higher search engine rankings, I am seeing real human readers. You do not want to read a number of redundant or embarrassing.

Our furniture shop in London, provides a design in London is not particularly angry or readers search for the London furniture furniture, they are laughing at the will of the terrible writing. To ensure that your SEO phrases, etc., can be seamlessly integrated into text, they will not take off, no more than they are. In fact, the website also write your own copy themselves (or hire someone to write). Do not copy do not copy and paste text from the site and sold them, and from where there is no clear text. Too many double page of text will be marked on the search engines. Likewise, avoid hidden text or keyword stuffing bad SEO practices.

Hidden text is added to the bottom of a website 1 ton of keywords, and then let her the same color as the background, effectively hiding their audience. Search engine can still see them, however. In the past, this is a real web site management has a higher search engine ranking technology, but todays robots are smart enough to recognize the technology and neglect. Similarly, the keyword stuffing, or to make a website, almost everything, but the key words, raised the banner of the number in the search engine robots can actually get your page ranked lower.

Finally, make sure you describe the movement of all links. No one likes to click around that do not describe clearly the text, or provide a good idea to contact the destination. In addition, there is another factor is the link to the site using search engines to determine relevance, so it is not clearly marked harmful in several respects.

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